The Alderman Company

Among my first assignments as a freelancer was a copy-writing project for The Alderman Company, a photography studio in High Point, North Carolina. The company’s graphic designers had already created the layout for the brochure, and my job was to write copy that would engage prospective clients while fitting precisely into the layout—right down to the line-by-line character count for the first panel.

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Allen Marketing, Advertising & Communications

I began writing capital campaign case statements, annual fund solicitations and student recruiting viewbooks for fund-raising counsel Robert Moore Allen’s clients in 1983. I soon began providing graphic design services as well, creating campaign logos, case statement and annual fund solicitation brochures. We continued working together until Mr. Allen’s retirement in 2008.

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Lexington Memorial Hospital

From April 1988 to October 1992, I provided marketing communications consulting and creative services for Lexington Memorial Hospital, including writing, graphic design and photography, focus group research, annual reports, marketing plans, a business community newsletter, brochures and news and feature releases. I also conducted staff workshops in writing and marketing.

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Davis Eye Care

I designed a logo and wrote and designed a brochure and flyer to introduce Direct Vision Benefit, a member benefit program offered by Davis Eye Care, based in Athens, Alabama. I also designed print ads to promote the practice.

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Adele Knits

As a subcontractor for Allen Marketing, Advertising and Communications, I wrote text for a brochure to promote Adele Knits’ Tube Wipe product. Adele is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Oral Breeze

I designed a logo, stationery and packaging and wrote promotional copy, news releases and direct mail letters for Oral Breeze, a manufacturer of water picks that attach to bathroom faucets and shower heads.

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Golding Farms Foods

For 10 years, I designed and wrote copy for labels, hangtags, neckbands and shipping boxes for Golding Farms Foods, a condiment manufacturer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I also designed brand logos, designed and wrote sales collateral materials and presentations, photographed products, and designed and wrote the company web site.

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Wild Blue Waters

After designing a logo and stationery for Chicago-based start-up Wild Blue Waters, a wholesaler of wild-caught seafood, I designed pouches and cartons, brand logos, shipping boxes and labels for the company’s product lines. I wrote the copy on all the packages, too, in a collaboration that lasted two and a half years.

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Brick Association of North Carolina

During a year-long engagement as a subcontractor for a local advertising agency, I provided writing, graphic design and photography services for the Brick Association of North Carolina. Much of my work appeared in the association’s monthly newsletter and in a series of case studies of home builders who favored brick. I also wrote a number of news releases for the trade and consumer press.

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Easy Street, Inc.

My client, James R. Leichter, known as “Mr. HVAC,” hired me to write and design a direct mail package to promote his Total Office Manager software to contractors. He mailed a six-page sales letter I wrote to prospects along with the brochure I created. I also wrote and designed another sales brochure for the Lenexa, Kansas, company’s Flat Rate Plus HVAC services pricing software.

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