Fund-Raising Materials

Allen Marketing, Advertising & Communications

I began writing capital campaign case statements, annual fund solicitations and student recruiting viewbooks for fund-raising counsel Robert Moore Allen’s clients in 1983. I soon began providing graphic design services as well, creating campaign logos, case statement and annual fund solicitation brochures. We continued working together until Mr. Allen’s retirement in 2008.

Winston-Salem State University

During the two years Winston-Salem State University was my client, I wrote the capital campaign case statement for the University’s $25 million Centennial Campaign, an annual report for the WSSU Foundation and a student recruiting booklet and brochure.

St. Andrew’s College

I wrote a case statement and designed the logo, stationery, pledge card and brochure for St. Andrew’s College’s “Share the Vision” campaign. The Laurinburg, North Carolina, Presbyterian college was an Allen MAC client.

Averett College

I developed graphic design concepts for logos, brochures and stationery for the Renaissance 2000 and Pillars of Excellence campaigns for Averett College, a client of Allen MAC.

Christ School

I wrote the ‘Keeping the Faith, Extending the Legacy’ campaign case statement for Allen MAC client Christ School in Arden, North Carolina.

Germantown Academy

Allen MAC contracted with me to write copy for Germantown Academy’s annual fund solicitation brochure and flyer. The school is in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

Canterbury School

I provided writing and graphic design services for Allen MAC client Canterbury School’s ‘Building on a Sure Foundation’ campaign. I wrote the case statement and designed the campaign logo, stationery, pledge card and case statement brochure.

Christ Church

I wrote a capital campaign case statement for Allen MAC client Christ Church in Greenville, South Carolina. I also designed the campaign logo and case statement brochure.

St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church

I wrote and designed a capital campaign case statement, with supporting campaign logo and stationery design, to help St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, address structural problems in its worship space.

Arbor Acres

I wrote and designed two fund-raising brochures for Allen MAC, Inc., client Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Kappa House

I designed a logo and stationery and composed direct mail letters to solicit lead gifts and additional donations to raise money for capital improvements to a sorority house on the University of North Carolina campus.

Project for Hope

I created a PowerPoint presentation, including a custom branded template, to tell the story of the Project for Hope, a Guatemala-based ministry to help fatherless families become self-sufficient.

Walnut Cove Public Library

I wrote copy and designed a brochure for Walnut Cove Public Library’s fundraising campaign. An Allen MAC client, the library’s campaign featured donors’ names inscribed on brick pavers.


I wrote a case statement for ProLiteracy, based in Syracuse, New York, to help fund its mission to build literacy skills among adults.

YWCA of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County

As a subcontractor for Allen MAC, I drafted a case statement to raise money to build the local YWCA’s Sports & Wellness Center. Although the client ultimately elected not to use the document, I still believe it makes a good case for supporting the center.