Kerry Nesbit and Bentley Glenn

Hello. I’m Kerry Nesbit—owner and sole employee of Kerry Nesbit, Incorporated.

I started the company as a writing and graphic design business in 1983 after three years as marketing communications coordinator for an insurance company. My professional career actually began in 1978, when as an undergraduate, I sold my first magazine article and photographs. The topic was how to photograph dogs.

I have a master’s degree in journalism and business administration and a bachelor’s degree in radio, television and motion pictures—both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While in graduate school, I studied marketing and advertising in the UNC School of Business and worked as managing editor of a scholarly journal. I wrote my master’s thesis on how words and images work together in print.

Through the decades, I’ve sold many more feature articles and news releases, written for, designed and edited in-house publications, created websites from scratch and designed labels and packaging for food manufacturers. I’ve worked with professional and financial services providers, serving as writer, designer and marketing communications counsel to a number of veterinarians, lawyers, educators, human health care providers and banks.

Over a span of 25 years, I applied my most persuasive writing and design skills to encourage charitable gifts to clients of my client—a fund-raising consultant who retired in 2008. More recently, I spent more than six years handling digital and print communications for a mid-sized downtown Episcopal church.

I began working with veterinary clients in 1994, since then helping more than 50 practices with projects including printed materials, logos and stationery designs, websites, client and staff surveys, client education materials and online reputation management. My veterinary client of longest standing is Brownsburg Animal Clinic in Brownsburg, Indiana. We started working together when my client, Timea Brady, DVM, bought the practice in 2009, and I’ve enjoyed helping with marketing her thriving practice ever since.

In 2012, I realized I could improve the relevance, quality and value of my consulting and creative services by specializing in a single industry vertical. I ran a report in QuickBooks and, as I scanned a complete list of clients I have served in dozens of industries, I very easily picked out the veterinary clients as my favorites and chose veterinary services marketing as the field most promising, interesting and meaningful to me.

My decision to specialize is proving to be a sound one. As a result of moving away from being a generalist to focus on single industry, I have been able to invest much more time in learning about veterinary medicine and keeping up with industry trends. In addition to reading books, blog posts and industry publications, I’ve so far earned 18.75 CE credits doing online courses. Alongside all the mainstream marketing resources I follow to keep up with my own field, my Facebook feed and iTunes podcast subscription list are generously populated with veterinary content. My appetite for learning all things veterinary is quite voracious, and I greatly enjoy applying all I know from my many years of marketing communications work and ongoing learning in my field to developing fresh ideas for my veterinary clients.

I have loved dogs all my life and deeply appreciate the immeasurable joy and value companion animals have brought me and other pet-owning family members and friends. In narrowing my practice specialty to veterinary services marketing, my “big idea” is to bring all my skills, experience, ideas and insights from the broader world of marketing to bear on many of the marketing and communications challenges now facing the veterinary industry. With my practice specialty fully established, I intend spend the rest of my career supporting veterinary caregivers and their clients in providing better care for as many companion animals as I can possibly impact.

If you share my love of animals and believe I may be able to help you do a better job of caring for animals in your veterinary practice, I encourage you to contact me.