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I wrote brochure text for Twin City Warehouse, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based logistics services provider.

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Why More and More Companies Like Yours Are Outsourcing Their Logistics Functions

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In an ideal world, logistics managers would preside over a seamless system of continuous product flow. There would be no need for contingency plans, repackaging, re-labeling, warehousing or complicated distribution plans. The word “inventory” would refer strictly to work in progress. Raw materials would appear just as you need them, and product would leave your assembly lines on a direct route to your customer.

In the real world, your customers seem to grow more demanding by the hour. They want you to create and manage more SKUs, accommodate fluctuating demand, provide special labeling for international markets, repackage product in dozens of custom configurations, make more frequent shipments of smaller orders, and achieve quality and accuracy approaching perfection. And they want you to do it in less time and at lower costs than ever before.

At Twin City Warehouses we understand these challenges well, and we can deliver the results you want quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Minimize Your Capital Investment in Logistics

Logistics services—packaging, distribution and storage—are typically very labor- and capital-intensive. It takes a flexible, well-trained staff and a reliable source of skilled labor to handle materials and fulfillment efficiently. It costs a lot of money to build, equip and maintain a state of the art packaging and distribution center—money you could invest in other, more profitable resources.

Use Only What You Need Only When You Need It

When you buy logistics services from Twin City, you use—and pay for—only the space, equipment and people you need, and only when you need them. We tailor our services to your exact specifications, whether handling a single task or your entire packaging and distribution operations. You never have to worry about under-utilized space or staff downtime.

Be More Flexible and Responsive to Your Customers

The best third-party logistics providers are flexible. At Twin City, we stand ready to design and deliver the services you need, literally on a moment’s notice. We respond quickly, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Our goal is to exceed your expectations—and the expectations of your most demanding customers.

Benefit From Our Expertise and Efficiency

For more than two decades, Twin City Warehouses has been in the logistics business. We serve our customers by maintaining the highest levels of expertise, flexibility and efficiency possible in our industry. We pride ourselves on having what it takes to get the job done for our customers, no matter what their packaging and logistics needs may be.

Focus Your Resources on the Things You Do Best

When you take a do-it-yourself approach to logistics management, you divert key resources away from your core business. When you leave your packaging and logistics management to Twin City, letting us do what we do best, you free yourself to concentrate on doing what you do best.

Why We’re Your Best Choice as a Full-Service Logistics Partner

Anyone with a building and some forklifts can claim to be in the logistics business, but the quality of service can vary widely. For example, of the 550,000 warehouses in the United States, fewer than 20 percent are automated. Many are relatively new and unsophisticated in their methods, offering only the most basic, most limited services and lacking even rudimentary quality assurance programs.

We Have Lots of Experience and a Great Track Record to Go With It

For more than 20 years Twin City has earned a reputation for superior service that places us among the leading providers in our industry. Through our memberships in the Southeast Warehouse Association and the North Carolina Warehouse Association, we stay abreast of the latest developments in the logistics industry. Our responsiveness, our entrepreneurial attitude, our reliability, our focus on total customer satisfaction—these are the things that make us your best choice as a logistics partner.

We are a Full-Service, Fully-Integrated Logistics Provider

To achieve the greatest cost-efficiencies, logistics services must be complete and seamlessly integrated. At Twin City, we offer a truly comprehensive line of high quality, totally integrated logistics services including labeling, re-labeling, inspection and quality control, packaging, repackaging, cross-docking, complex order processing, local trucking and international shipping. You can depend on us to take on any and all of your logistics functions and to adapt our services to match precisely the way you do business.

We Have the People to Get Your Job Done Right

With more than 65 highly-skilled, experienced, dedicated employees, Twin City has the packaging and logistics experts you need on our core staff to handle your project quickly and accurately from start to finish. In addition to our management, packaging and logistics experts, we have our own computer programmers who customize our control systems to your needs and keep those systems running smoothly. We maintain excellent working relationships with area staffing services so we can readily augment our core staff any time our customers’ projects require us to.

We Have the Systems to Control and Manage the Logistics Process

We have invested substantial resources in powerful computer systems to control and manage your most challenging logistics projects with speed and accuracy. Using bar coding technology, we enter data quickly and correctly. Our Electronic Data Interchange—EDI— technology connects you directly to our systems, giving you immediate access to the real-time data you need to stay informed and in control of your product throughout the logistics process. Our staff programmers work with you to produce customized reports you need in the form you want them.

We Have the Facilities and Equipment to Handle and Secure Your Inventory

With more than one million square feet of storage space, and a full complement of heavy-duty lifting and hauling equipment, Twin City can handle and store your inventory safely. All our facilities are protected by monitored alarm systems and sprinklers. We offer climate-controlled, pharmaceutical and food-grade storage areas. We also have rail capability.

We Are Strategically Located for You to Do Business

We are in the heart of North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad, with ready access to three interstate highways and every major East Coast transportation artery. We are within a one-hour flight of more than half the nation’s population, a key factor in making our part of the country one of the fastest-growing manufacturing hubs in the United States.

In surveys by Site Selection and Industrial Development Magazine, the Piedmont Triad has consistently ranked high among the nation’s top ten metro areas in attracting new manufacturing plants and for new facilities and expansions. To you, our great location means new opportunities for expanding into a lucrative market while keeping your distribution costs under control.

We Are Totally Committed to Superior Quality Service

Twin City employees share a dedication to Total Customer Satisfaction or TCS, as we call it around here. We work together in teams to solve problems for our customers quickly and cost-efficiently. We routinely measure the quality of your product and the quality of our work using formal quality sampling procedures and statistical process control techniques. We are completely committed to an ongoing program of continuous improvement in all we do.

We Deliver Quality as You and Your Customers Define It!

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