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I wrote a sales letter for Myriad Intellect to sell the benefits of having a website and reasons to choose the company as website developer.

Sales Letter

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Dear [salutation] [surname]:

What impact would it have on your business if you could—

  • Answer your customers’ most-asked questions accurately, instantly and automatically?
  • Showcase your products and services effortlessly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • Communicate regularly with your best customers without having to make a single phone call or spend a penny on printing and postage?
  • Deal with customers who are fully-informed about your business, products and services before they walk into your store or call for an appointment?
  • Help your entire staff work more efficiently and effectively than ever before?

And what if you could do it all with only a modest initial investment and minimal monthly costs?

Introducing Myriad Intellect

My name is Headley Williamson. Through our web technology company, Myriad Intellect, my partner J Wynia and I help owners of small- to mid-sized businesses create and maintain web sites that work as hard as they do!

J and I met four years ago and have been working together since. Between the two of us, we have a total of almost 40 years’ experience in just about every aspect of web site development as it’s done by major national and international organizations. Among the things we’ve learned in our 20 or so years of working on web sites for a number of Fortune 500 companies, most recently including 3M, Wells Fargo and Target—

  • The value of any web site is based on what it can do, not the text and graphics posted on it.
  • Like any business asset, a web site has to earn its keep. If it’s not serving customers and making employees’ jobs easier, it’s not working.
  • Web technology can handle many routine tasks better than employees can, freeing employees to do the mission-critical things only they can do, like coming up with a great idea for a new product or service or shaking hands with a new customer.

We based the Myriad Intellect business model on taking those big ideas and technological innovations and adapting them to deliver the benefits of the Internet to small- and mid-sized companies like yours.

Imagine the Possibilities for Your Business

In the two decades J and I have been working in our field, web technology has advanced dramatically, and it continues to do so with each passing day. As the technology advances, so do the possibilities. For example—

  • A dental practice sets up an automatic online system to send check-up reminders by email, complete with a link to the web page where patients can schedule their own appointments. As a result, the practice staff spends substantially fewer hours on the telephone, patients are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to book an appointment immediately. The dentist stays busy, and the staff has more time to focus on other tasks.
  • A software developer creates several shareware programs and sells them using an online catalog and a secure ecommerce system. By visiting the developer’s web site, prospective buyers can download demonstration versions, purchase licenses using their credit cards and receive registration numbers automatically via email. But that’s just the beginning. After the purchase transaction is complete, the system follows up with a series of email messages, timed to arrive just as new users’ questions are most likely to emerge. Later emails offer tips for getting the most out of the program once it’s up and running, provide suggestions for navigating the online support system and alert customers when upgrades and new products become available. The result: Although the company still offers telephone support, the call volume is much lower as more customers turn to online trouble-shooting guides and help documents to solve problems on their own.
  • A lawn maintenance equipment dealer posts full details of all the mowers, trimmers, blowers and other equipment and supplies he carries, complete with links to manufacturers’ sites. Since he sells several brands and models, his web programmers designed the site so customers can make side-by-side comparisons before they visit the store. When they do arrive on the sales floor, they’ve already narrowed their choices and, after asking a few questions, are typically ready to buy.
  • The owner of an upscale restaurant posts his menu, including prices, so first-time customers know what to expect before making their reservations with a few clicks of the mouse. The restaurateur also posts hours, detailed driving directions and a map. The results: The volume of phone calls his busy staff must handle is significantly reduced. Because they have good, accurate directions to the location, new customers arrive on time, keeping the tables turning on schedule. And first-time customers, already familiar with the pricing, know they won’t risk the embarrassment of having to walk out after a first look at the menu.

Whether you’re selling a product or a service or running a professional practice, we hope these examples will inspire you to begin imagining the possibilities of what a well-designed web site can for your business. We’re confident, once you consider the possibilities and the potential savings of time and money a professionally designed web site can bring to your business, you’ll want to give us a call.

Let’s Talk About Your Web Site

J and I would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about what a professionally designed web site by Myriad Intellect can do for your business, so we’re inviting you to call us, toll free, at 888.6.MYRIAD (888.669.7423), and ask for a free, no-obligation needs analysis. Here’s what will happen when you call:

  • We’ll schedule a convenient time to meet with you or talk with you on the telephone.
  • At the appointed time, we’ll ask you for an overview of your business and for your ideas about what you want your web site to do to help serve your customers better, lighten your work load and improve your profits.
  • If we think we can help you—and we almost certainly can—we prepare and present you with a proposal that makes sense, not only in terms of your needs, goals and budget, but in terms of your potential return on your investment.
  • Once you accept our proposal, we assemble a team of specialists based on the size and scope of your project, hand-picking the best-qualified programmers, graphic designers, writers and other professionals to handle every aspect of technology and content development your site requires.
  • As your site nears completion, we run rigorous performance and stress tests to measure the site’s true capacity. That way, if your new web address ends up in the morning paper or on the evening news, you can be confident the site will handle any sudden surges in traffic.

We know there are plenty of “computer geeks” around Eagan who’ll sell you a web site full of dazzling special effects, and many more computer-savvy friends, family members and employees who’ll gladly “do a web site” for you at little or no cost.

How do we know? We’ve redone a number of those “homemade” and “bargain” sites for clients who realized they could get much more benefit, along with a much healthier return on their investment, from a professionally designed site.

As J and I have observed firsthand, when Fortune 500 companies develop web sites, they expect a substantial return on their investments of time and talent. As the owner of a small business, you should expect every bit as much from your web site investment, and at Myriad Intellect, we are committed to seeing that your new site fulfills your most ambitious aspirations.

We look forward to scheduling your needs assessment soon. Thank you for considering our services.


Headley Williamson
Chief Executive Officer
Myriad Intellect

P.S. Remember, our needs assessment is absolutely free and comes with no risks or further obligations. With nothing to lose and so very much to gain, we’re sure you’ll agree—you should call us now at 888.6.MYRIAD (888.669.7423). If you prefer, you may email me at! We look forward to hearing from you.

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