Wild Blue Waters

After designing a logo and stationery for Chicago-based start-up Wild Blue Waters, a wholesaler of wild-caught seafood, I designed pouches and cartons, brand logos, shipping boxes and labels for the company’s product lines. I wrote the copy on all the packages, too, in a collaboration that lasted two and a half years.

This artist and writer is a godsend to a small growing company. She is just amazing—the best in the business. A solid team player whom I cannot say enough good things about. What a treat she is…a joy to work with!

Bill Dever
Wild Blue Waters

Logo and Stationery Designs

Wild Blue Waters logo and stationery
Caribbean Wild logo concepts
Bubbi's logo concepts

Selected Package Designs

Wild Blue Waters Copper River brand salmon package design concepts
Wild Blue Waters Copper River salmon package design
Wild Blue Waters Copper River salmon package
Wild Blue Waters pickled herring label designs
Wild Blue Waters seafood pouches
Wild Blue Waters Bubbi's brand smoked salmon package design concepts
Wild Blue Waters Caribbean Wild brand seafood pouch designs
Wild Blue Waters salmon pouches
Wild Blue Waters Salmon Processing flyer
Wild Blue Waters display carton designs

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