Yadkin Valley Community Hospital Talking Points

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Key Talking Points

All audiences:

The new ownership is a very positive change for Yadkinville and the surrounding communities.

  • HMC/CAH has the specialized knowledge, experience and resources to make the hospital fiscally sound and of unprecedented value and service.
  • They’ve done the same thing successfully in other communities before. 
  • They know the hospital and the community from having managed Hoots Memorial for a year before they bought it. (Any good/bad specifics from the first year of management to mention or be prepared to address?)

Although HMC/CAH is based in Missouri, the people at HMC/CAH share many of the same core, small-town values as people in this community and in the other communities where they own and operate hospitals. They may not be from around here, but they’re like us and they understand us. 

The hospital is managed and services are delivered locally by people who know and are part of the community.

HMC/CAH is prepared to make substantial investments in equipment, physician recruiting and a new facility.

  • The new hospital will take about five years to complete, but investments and service enhancements are already planned and in progress.
  • People will begin seeing changes and service enhancements soon, and the pace of improvement will accelerate (need specific examples)
  • The continuing positive impact on the health of the community will be significant (need specific examples)

Smaller is better. Less is more. A smaller, more efficiently-designed, better-equipped hospital with fewer beds will serve the community better. 

The hospital is a leader in health for the community. (speakers bureau, educational programs, health fairs)

The hospital operates a primary care practice as well as an emergency department. 

The hospital provides services appropriate for its size and expertise very well and collaborates with other area hospitals and health care providers as needed. 

These are the services and procedures the hospital is best at providing: (identify specifically) 

If you or a loved one need these services, you will receive the high-quality care you need along with the added dimension of personal care by people you know, in an intimate, easily accessible setting, comfortable and close to home.

Business community:

The hospital is committed to being a resource for employers capable of contributing to better employee health, improved productivity and lowered health care costs. (workplace programs)

Area doctors:

HMC/CAH is making generous investments in equipment and in recruiting specialists. The company has the resources and is committed to making Yadkin Valley Community a hospital to which you can be comfortable admitting patients.

As the enhancements fall into place, all else being equal, your patients and their families will be more comfortable in their hometown hospital than in a hospital in a neighboring town. You will be serving them better by admitting them here.

We have a hospitalist on staff to care for your patients, once admitted. She will keep you well informed and collaborate with you to provide the best possible outcomes.

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