On-Call Marketing Communications Counsel

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Direct, Unlimited Access to the Marketing Advice and Reviews Responses You Need, When You Need Them

On-Call Marketing Communications Counsel Services Are Built Into All Three Marketing Management Plans

All monthly plans include unlimited direct access to me by email, telephone and video conferencing to discuss your work in progress and answer your marketing-related questions. While your plan is underway, I also monitor and respond to incoming client surveys and online reviews of your practice as needed.

On-Call Marketing Communications Counsel

For the duration of our work together on you Virtual Veterinary Marketing Management Plan, I serve as your marketing communications counsel on call. I also monitor and respond to incoming post-appointment surveys and online reviews as needed. You can contact me to ask for advice and discuss your work at any time, day or night, and count on me to reply the same or the following business day.

Responses to Reviews

Most often, my veterinary clients avail themselves of my counsel when a problem occurs with an irate client—either in person or in the form of a negative internal survey or online review.

We start developing our response by discussing the details of the situation—usually by email or phone. We consider whether or not the relationship is worth attempting to salvage or if it’s in the clinic’s best interests to refer the client to another practice.

If it seems the complaining client has valid points, I bring these opportunities for improvement to your attention and help look for ways to avoid similar problems in the future. Where appropriate, we describe any planned corrective measures in the response to the client.

If an offline response is in order, I draft suggested talking points for a face-to-face meeting or phone call and/or write text for an email message or printed letter.

When writing a public response to a negative online rating or review, I typically acknowledge and present any legitimate issue cited as an unexpected departure from the clinic’s usual high standards and depict my client as responsive, concerned and eager to make things right. If an apology is in order, I make it.

No matter how much detail the reviewer has disclosed, and no matter how skewed the story, we don’t discuss the specifics of the case in a public forum. Citing the clinic’s privacy policies, we invite the reviewer to take the conversation offline and contact you, the practice owner, directly. I draft talking points as needed to help you prepare for the call (if it ever comes).

In some cases, I advise the best response to an online review is no response at all. For the occasional unhinged, over-the-top rant, it’s best to refrain from engaging further, letting the language and tone of the reviewer’s hostile comments speak for themselves.

As a best practice, I also respond to all positive ratings and online reviews on my clients’ behalf with gratitude for the positive feedback.

Sounding Board and Contrarian

In addition to reviews management, I sometimes serve as a sounding board for ideas about proposed or discontinued service and product offerings, pricing and policy changes and other matters directly impacting clients and employees of the veterinary practice. We swap ideas about how we might best communicate the proposed changes and how they may be received by the various stakeholders.

My clients also seek out my counsel when evaluating sales pitches for advertising opportunities, marketing-related products and services and proposed charity sponsorships, knowing I will give an objective opinion as to the value and benefit to the practice of the offering in question. I don’t mind playing the curmudgeon when a proposal seems impractical or disreputable or a sales representative is too persistent.

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