Marketing Diagnostics, Triage and Treatment Plans

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You Would Never Treat a Patient Without First Diagnosing its Medical Condition

Like you, I Don’t Proceed with Recommending Treatment Before Diagnosing the Current State of Your Marketing Health and Identifying the Most Urgent Priorities

Every client relationship begins with diagnostics to assess the current marketing efforts of the practice relative to its direct competitors. My comprehensive Diagnostics, Triage and Treatment Plans report details your current marketing condition and recommends the most promising immediate and longer-term treatments that can be applied, based on your chosen Marketing Management Plan, to advance your market position from where you are now toward where you prefer to be.

Marketing Diagnostics, Triage and Treatment Plans

While all veterinary practices share many similar characteristics and challenges, every practice I’ve ever worked with—and every practice owner—have been, in their own ways, distinctly different from all the others.

Marketplaces and competitive climates vary, too, and since all practice marketing takes place in the context of a market, I’ve found it essential to consider overall market conditions and directly competing practices as well my client’s practice before making specific marketing recommendations.

As the first step in implementing all three Virtual Veterinary Marketing Management Plans, I conduct both qualitative and quantitative research, recording subjective and objective observations of marketing by my client’s practice and its two most direct competitors.

The Questionnaire

At the outset of our work together, I ask you—the practice owner—to complete a detailed questionnaire to acquaint me with your practice, let me know what resources are already in place, what marketing activities are currently being undertaken and which ones are working best. The questionnaire concludes with questions about your goals for our work together.

Online Research

A wealth of useful information about your own and your competitors’ marketing strategies and tactics is hiding in plain sight on the internet in websites, Google My Business profiles and social media accounts. To supplement information collected using the questionnaire, I do additional diagnostic work online.

Because I consider the clinic website to be the most valuable digital marketing asset, I focus much of my attention on your existing site (if you have one), using a detailed checklist to guide my subjective evaluation of branding, design, content, quality and function from a site visitor’s perspective. I conduct a similar analysis of your two most direct competitors’ sites.

I follow my detailed subjective evaluation with a 75-point technical analysis of your and your competitors’ websites using various diagnostic tools to uncover opportunities for improving your website’s performance and accessibility—ideally to levels that will surpass competitors’ sites.

I also visit your and your competitors’ Google My Business profiles and social media pages to evaluate their quality and effectiveness and prescribe ways to optimize yours.

The Diagnostics, Triage and Treatment Plans Report

I prepare a detailed Diagnostics, Triage and Treatment Plans Report of my findings and recommendations, presenting the report to you in a video conference call. In addition to citing any issues and concerns I’ve uncovered, I call out the best opportunities for immediate progress toward your marketing goals. I also map out longer-term treatment plan recommendations to advance your position within your marketplace even further. The plan guides our work through the remainder of our engagement.

Once I present my diagnosis and recommended treatment plan and we agree on our path forward, I proceed with executing and managing your marketing plan.

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