Veterinary Practice Branding, Logos & Stationery Design

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Your Brand Represents Your Practice’s Perceived Reputation and Visibility In Your Marketplace

The Stronger and More Clearly Defined Your Brand, the Stronger, More Coherent and More Effective Your Marketing Can Be

Whether you, as practice owner, prefer to work with me on branding one-on-one or you’d like me to survey your entire team and a sampling of your ideal clients to define your brand, we discern and articulate your practice’s core values, mission and vision for the future and express it as your brand identity. A new logo and identity package, if needed, capture and convey your brand visually.

Practice Branding, Logos and Stationery Design

I include practice branding, logos and stationery design in all 3 Virtual Veterinary Marketing Management Plans because a strong, clear brand definition at the outset of our work together helps guide our direction, messaging and decision-making throughout our engagement.

For top-level agencies branding retail products, the stakes can be extremely high and the processes very complex, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Fees can range from tens of thousands for smaller branding projects to hundreds of thousands—even millions—for fully developing a national or international retail brand.

Unless your veterinary practice is in a highly competitive market or you are branding an entire chain of hospitals, the big-branding-agency approach is most likely far too complex and costly to be appropriate for you. For most veterinary practices, a far simpler, far more cost-efficient approach to branding will still yield results sufficient to define your brand and guide your marketing program forward.

My branding process is flexible and varies considerably from practice to practice, regardless of the Marketing Management Plan chosen. I tailor my approach and the extent of up-front research and development to each of my clients, depending on the market, the competitive environment, the budget and the preferences of the practice owner.

I may collect all the information I need to make my branding recommendations in a single conversation with the practice owner, supplemented by some online exploration. If more extensive research is called for, I may survey the practice team and selected clients for a more detailed, more nuanced understanding of the perceived practice brand.

After finishing my initial research, I produce a written branding statement draft in which I articulate—

  • The characteristics of your ideal clients
  • Core personal and professional values underpinning all you do
  • Your mission to serve your patients and clients
  • Your practice positioning to clarify where you stand in your marketplace
  • Your vision for the future of your practice

Once our branding statement is completed to your satisfaction, we will determine if your current logo is suitable for visually representing your newly-articulated brand. If it’s fine as-is, and the original artwork is readily available, we will proceed with addressing our other marketing priorities.

If your logo needs sprucing up or replacing altogether, we will take care of that—perhaps finding an appropriate design at my logo and stationery design site,—or working together to create a custom logo design just for your practice.

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